2018 HRA Annual Meeting

The 2018 HRA Annual Meeting was held on August 21, 2018.  Some HRA program changes are noted as follows:

In June 2018, the HRA applied for affordability gap to the MHFA Impact Program to help five first time home buyers purchase newly constructed homes in the Southeast area of Hutchinson.  Funding announcements will be made in November.

Impact funds for rehab were recently approved to assist rehab for five manufactured homes in Hutchinson.  These Impact funds are deferred loans that become grants after 10 years.  Click here for more information

In order to increase utilization of the Home Improvement Program (HILP), the family HILP income limits were increased to $60,286 to better align with Hutchinson workforce wages.   This program provides a 50% deferred loan that becomes a grant after five years for eligible homeowners and projects.  Click here for more information

Funding was approved for both market rate rental projects and also for rental projects that meet rent and tenant income restrictions.  Click here for more information

Please call Judy Flemming, HRA Program Coordinator for more information on HRA programs at 320-234-4251.

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