Introducing the new Streamlined City Deferred Grant Program

The newly approved owner occupied, home improvement program for limited home improvements is a no-monthly payment, 0% interest loan that is forgiven after 5 years.
The Streamlined Deferred Grant Program will only be for the following improvements requiring a building permit from the City of Hutchinson: roof, windows/doors, siding or furnace replacement.* Two bids from Minnesota licensed contractors will be needed. No materials only loans.

You may apply for up to $10,000 in deferred grant funds for 50% of your total project repair costs.  An owner match for the other 50% of the total repair costs is required.   Ask about your eligibility for available loan funds administered by the Hutchinson HRA for your required owner match.

For more information on this program go to the home improvements page on our website or call Judy at 234-4451.

*This Streamline loan program addresses only limited eligible work items requested by the homeowner that are subject to the City of Hutchinson’s building permit. Only a building permit inspection for the specific work item will be performed. The HRA and City of Hutchinson will not perform a full house inspection and is not responsible for any other code issues that may be present.

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