Did you have ice dams this winter?

Did you have ice dams this winter? Do you need to make home repairs or want to prevent ice dams in the future, but you cannot afford the cost or cannot get a loan? City of Hutchinson HRA has matching home improvement grants up to $10,000 for your CONTINUE READING

Ice Dams Season

Ice dams are created by rising heat escaping the home and melting the snow on the roof. The melted snow runs down the roof and refreezes at the eave line where it is colder. This creates a dam for water to pool. This pool of water can work its way CONTINUE READING

We’re here to help!

Brr - it's getting cold! And it will be even colder if you don't have a good furnace, windows and/or insulation. We’re here to help!  Click here Home Improvements to find out more about our home improvement programs or contact Judy at 234-4451 for CONTINUE READING

Hutchinson HRA

Temperatures are rising, but our rates are still low.  From small repairs to big renovations, a Home Improvement grant or loan from the Hutchinson HRA can help you make them affordable.  Contact Judy at 234-4451. CONTINUE READING

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