Need a new furnace?

Brr - it's cold! And even colder if you don't have a good furnace. See how you can get a new one with the Streamlined Grant Program. Contact Judy at 234-4451 or go to the HRA website to apply. CONTINUE READING

Minnesota Housing Impact Funds

For City of Hutchinson home owners: The Hutchinson HRA has been awarded $73,878 in Minnesota Housing Impact Funds for repairs of owner occupied homes throughout the City of Hutchinson.  Funds may be used in one of two ways, depending on applicant CONTINUE READING

Loan program to help with improvements

Check out House Logic’s article “Home Remodeling: 6 Improvements to Increase Home Value”. The Hutch HRA has a loan program to help you with these improvements. View the HRA Home Improvement page or give Judy a call at 234-4451 to get more CONTINUE READING

Funds to Rehab Your Rental Property

The Downtown Rental Rehab Program is moving along. Since the beginning last Fall: One rehab project has been completed, one is under construction, and two are in the pre-construction stage.  We need to expand the current rental rehab target area CONTINUE READING

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