Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the following will help answer your questions about Park Towers.


For Residents

How and when do I submit an additional medical expense for a rent adjustment?

If you are elderly or disabled, as soon as possible after receiving a final medical bill after Medicare and/or insurance has paid, you may submit the bill and proof of payment for an Interim Rent Adjustment

I just started a new job, do I have to report this?

You need to notify the office, however, we do not do rent increases during the year. We do an Interim Recertification if your wages and/or hours decrease.

How do I submit a work order?

For routine maintenance work orders, you may use the work request form on the website or call the office at (320) 587-2168.   If you are having a maintenance emergency, dial maintenance  at (320) 587-7577, (320) 583-6662 or if no response, call Lorri at (612) 889-5435.

What is considered an emergency?

An emergency exists when the following occurs on or about premises:

  1. Flooding caused by plumbing breakdown
  2. Back up of sewer line
  3. Lack of heat in winter
  4. Damage caused by wind, storm or fire
  5. Burglary / vandalism or other serious disturbance (dial 911 immediately)
  6. Serious electrical failure or short circuit (dial 911 immediately)
  7. Personal injury to a resident or guest (dial 911 immediately)

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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