Park Towers Application Process

Your decision to make Park Towers your home is important.

Park Towers is an independent living community that offers residents a lifestyle free of property maintenance and a host of modern conveniences. Selecting Park Towers as your new home will provide you with all the benefits of home ownership without any of the headaches in a friendly community with unique amenities and services.

Located in central Hutchinson, Park Towers is just a block from our vibrant downtown and adjacent to one of the most majestic, beautiful parks in the area.

Please complete the entire application and sign the necessary forms.

Download and Print - Updated 5/25/2017

  • Each applicant and household member must provide a valid social security card.
  • All prospective residents must provide current and past housing information including any out of state residences in the past five (5) years.
  • If a prospective resident does not have a rental history; they are required to provide a minimum of two (2) personal references, not family members and the Housing Authority reserves the right to have a third party perform a background check.
  • A copy of your awards letter, if applicable.

A rental application and criminal report must be processed on all prospective residents 18 years of age or older.

Submit your application

Mail or drop off your application to the address below  along with a copy of your awards letter, if applicable, and a copy of your social security card.

Attn: Lorri Olson
Public Housing Specialist
Park Towers
133 Third Ave SW
Hutchinson, MN 5530

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Minnesota Board on Aging – The Minnesota Board on Aging formulates public policy on aging and gathers input on the status and needs of older Americans.

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