Downtown Rental Rehab Program


Proposed SCDP Target Area

Hutchinson Downtown Rental Rehab Target Area. Click photo for more info.


The City of Hutchinson Downtown Rental Rehab program allows rental property owners to receive a grant for 70% of the construction costs, up to $10,000/unit for apartments above downtown business; $15,000/Unit for duplex/2 unit properties; $12,500/unit for 3+ unit properties; and $24,999/unit for single family rental houses. Contract for Deed is not an eligible form of ownership.

The property owner is required to contribute at least 30% of the construction costs. The funds may be used to bring the property up to Housing Quality and Building Code standards. It may also be used for energy efficiency, weatherization, and accessibility construction.

In addition, the grant requirements include that an adequate number of units be occupied by low-moderate income (LMI) households at affordable rents.


Currently not accepting applications.


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